Forward exhange contracts and currency options

Exchange rates can be volatile. This can result in a profit or loss.
If you wish to protect your business against adverse currency fluctuations, we offer various options.

Forward exchange contracts

Fix your exchange rate for a specified future date

  • Hedge you risk
  • Fixed exchange rate
  • Fixed date in the future

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Flexible forward

You decide the amount you want to convert. The only requirement is that you convert the total amount before the end of the period.

  • You know in advance how much you pay or receive in euros.
  • You may execute multiple payments against the same exchange rate. You decide the timing and amount of foreign currency payments.
  • You are hedged against negative exchange rate fluctuations.
  • You do not always need to deposit initial collateral (this depends on your creditworthiness).
  • In contrast to an option contract, you don't pay a premium.

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Currency options

Hedge your risk, but allow yourself to take advantage of a positive price movement

  • Hedge your risk for a premium
  • Fixed exchange rate
  • With the ability of profiting from a positive movement

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sound expert knowledge. Our currency
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