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Our currency experts keep a close eye on the markets. And they know your business.


We are set up to execute payments fast and securely. 

No hidden costs

We execute transactions for a fixed rate of €5, there are no extra costs

Sharp rates

We give you a sharp rate prior to your transaction

Direct access, where you go

With our system you have direct access to the global foreign exchange markets. Wherever you go

  • Trade currencies
  • Real-time rates
  • Transaction overview
  • Full overview of your account

Over 150 currency pairs

Payment in local currency can be an attractive proposition, as suppliers then run no exchange-rate risk. Most suppliers are prepared to give discounts to clients who pay in local currency. Which is why we offer not only the major currencies, but also emerging-market currencies, such as the Chinese renminbi, the South African rand, the Kenyan shilling, the Thai bath, the Russian rouble, etc.

Exchange rates

How to save money on currency transactions?

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