Privacy policy

As a financial institution, Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij N.V. (“NBWM”) processes (personal) data of customers who use the services of NBWM. This privacy statement outlines how NBWM collects, verifies and processes (personal) data of its customers in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). In all its activities NBWM conforms to the rules of the GDPR and the Financial Supervision Act.

NBWM acts as controller in the sense of the GDPR. NBWM will share your personal data with third parties if this is necessary for the realization of the agreement or due to legal obligations. NBWM enters into a processor agreement with third parties that process your personal data by order of NBWM. Thus NBWM ensures that your personal data is always secured at a consistent level and that the privacy of your personal data is guaranteed. NBWM will remain fully responsible for this processing, and will take all reasonable administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, and accidental loss or change. It is possible that your personal data will also be shared with third parties that are not necessarily involved in the services of NBWM. NBWM will only do so after having first requested and received your explicit permission.

Exercising your rights

You have the right to view, correct, limit or delete your personal data processed by NBWM, unless NBWM is unable to honour your request due to legal obligations. You can send your request to view, correct, limit or delete your personal data to On your request NBWM will send your (personal) data in possession of NBWM to you. The (personal) data will be transferred in a common, structured and machine readable format. You can revoke your earlier (explicit) permission at any time. Immediately after processing your request, we will cease the processing of the (personal) data your permission was applicable to.

Use of personal data

We only collect (personal) data for the following purposes:

  • Realization of contractual obligations that are required in connection with the services of NBWM;
  • Marketing activities;
  • To meet a legal obligation, for example under the Financial Supervision Act or the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.

As a financial institution, NBWN is legally obliged to process customer data. Customer identification is one of the main reasons why we collect and process personal data. Additionally, when NBWM is contacted for additional information or to become a customer, NBWM must contact this customer or inform the customer via a message or via our periodic newsletter. NBWM may also have contractual obligations that involve the processing of customer data.

Among other things, we use your (personal) data in the following situations:

  • When you open an account;
  • When you use our services;
  • When you submit feedback or complaints on our services via our website;
  • When you upload or send documents via our website;
  • When you participate in a marketing activity.

The personal data we collect may consist of the following:

  • The customer's name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, country of residence, nationality, age, gender, date of birth, passport copy, business details, bank accounts details, and other payment information;
  • Details of every customer transaction via the service; and/or
  • Details of correspondence, questions or other types of communication (e.g. telephone, e-mail, etc.) between the customer and us with respect to the services.

All telephone conversations are recorded on tape. These recordings are stored and can be used for the evaluation of the quality of the services, (fraud) investigation, and being able to provide evidence, for example in the event of differences in interpretation of the content of the telephone conversation. Collecting, processing and disclosure of (personal) data are fully in accordance with the GDPR.

Google Analytics

NBWM uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of the NBWM website and to improve the content and structure of the website. NBWM has organised Google Analytics in a 'privacy-friendly’ manner. NBWM has a signed processor agreement with Google for the use of this service. Your IP address is obscured so that your visit cannot be traced back to a person. The Google Analytics cookies are not used for other Google services and the data from Google Analytics cookies are sent securely (encrypted). Do you wish to cancel Google Analytics cookies for all websites you visit? Then please use the tool offered by Google for this purpose:

Retention period

NBWM is a regulated organization and is bound by legal retention periods. After expiry of the legal retention period, we will destroy your (personal) data, unless your (personal) data is still required for entering into and/or realization of an agreement.


The services and the website may use cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags and web beacons, for collecting data and/or personalizing the online customer experience. Please read our cookie policy for further information.

Contact information

Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij N.V.

Beursplein 5

1012 JW Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Telephone: +3120 787 17 00




We aim to offer our customers services of the highest standard. There may, however, be cases in which our services do not meet your expectations. In such cases, please send an e-mail to We will always fully investigate your complaint, and we will keep you informed about measures taken. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority, or take your complaint to court. More information is available at the Dutch DPA. We encourage our customers to first submit their complaint to us, before submitting a complaint to the supervising authority.